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Come take a look at our shooting style!

I am a wedding and lifestyle photographer living out of downtown Seattle. I have an impressively large collection of Tom's and to this very day, I still cry at every wedding I attend.

I work with a small group of amazingly talented wedding photographers and together we are passionate about capturing your wedding day.

Hi! I'm Linda

What does your booking process entail?

Good question! For portrait sessions (anything other than weddings or events) we simply schedule a date and time to meet with payment due at the time of shooting. Weddings are a bite different and require a 25 deposit that goes towards your final balance to hold your date with our wedding photography agreement. Since we are a studio of MULTIPLE photographers, we most likely have someone available on your date!

Are your wedding packages customizable?

Absolutely! Our 800 dollar wedding package is wonderful for budget brides but is also designed to be the perfect starting point. We can work together to build you a unique package that is perfect for your wedding day.

Describe your photography style:

I can't lie, We are very "fun" when it comes to all kinds of photography. My previous clients will be the first to tell you that I will make you play games like "ring around the rosie" or "leap frog" in front of the camera to get you comfortable and also to get some fun shots that no one else will have.

Beside from that,I would say that we are very contemporary wedding and lifestyle photographers. I like to imagine every shot as it would be laid out in a magazine which adds a sense of romance, glamor and editorial feel. I also will grab those essential photojournalistic and candid shots by staying in the background as your guests have more and more wine for those memories that last forever :)

All other photographers in our studio have similar shooting styles, produce beautiful images and are amazingly professional.

Equipment? Back Up Equipment?

We shoot with a variety of professional Canon DSLR Cameras and Lenses. I do have backup equipment in case of emergencies and ensure that every photography, whether they are wedding portraits or family portraits, will be at the highest resolution and correct color consistency as possible.

Cds Vs. Prints? What's the deal?

I'll tell you the deal! Back in the day I only provided Cd's because it is obviously what consumers want. Now, while every client receives a disc of high resolution images they also will get an optional online gallery to order prints for several reasons:

1. Professional prints are so beautiful and irreplaceable that they should be a part of every home dynamic. Trust me, these babies are beautiful.
2. Yes, you can take your CD to a local print lab and I do not even discourage that, but any print larger than an 8x10 needs to be edited specifically for print to ensure a high quality presentation.
3. Photo's go unforgotten on facebook. You, your family and guests get to appreciate them every day on you desks, walls and in your albums.

How long will it take to get my photographs?

Wedding photographs will take 3-4 weeks to deliver.

Portrait sessions will take 1-2 weeks depending on the season.

I want to schedule a consultation!

Me too! Let's meet for lunch or coffee! I'll even show up to your hot yoga class because I am always excited for client bonding time. Contact me and I am more than happy to meet with you in person :)